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Webhooks with ArcGIS Online Integration

Webhooks with ArcGIS Online Integration

With Zapier, you can connect Webhooks with ArcGIS Online with no coding required. One event triggers another, allowing you to automate just about anything.




User Case 1: Consider how webhooks with ArcGIS Online could be used in disaster relief efforts


In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, North Carolina has been dealing with widespread flooding. A system could be implemented ahead of disaster events such as this one, where webhooks can create the ability to trigger an action upon any given event, such as flooding or damage reports.



Let’s say you want to update a field officer each time a report pops up in their area. Webhooks Integration with ArcGIS Online can automatically send that officer a direct message each time a report comes through in a specific area, resulting in quicker response times.


And in collaboration with Operations Dashboard, field activities can be effectively monitored from the office, for an accurate representation of all current field resources. Learn how operations dashboard has already assisted with search and rescue efforts in Texas.



Dive even deeper by incorporating Survey123 for real-time flood-condition reporting. Crowdsource your efforts, and allow the community to report on current flood conditions. Discover locations requiring immediate assistance, and develop a map to display the entire affected area.


User Case 2: Leveraging webhooks for an electric utility company to manage outages


The power of Webhooks Integration with ArcGIS Online would promote the fastest field crew response times. Imagine the minute a power outage report comes through, your field personnel get a direct message alerting them of the power failure.



Operations Dashboard can help assess all available field crew resources to determine the best course of action. Keep your whole team in the loop and up-to-date by the minute with Webhooks Integration with ArcGIS Online.


Start building your own webhooks today


Contact our GIS experts to learn how webhooks with ArcGIS Online can be leveraged for your business today.

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