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Leveraging GIS for Education

Leveraging GIS for Education

The study of GIS is becoming increasingly prevalent in schools as a tool for education. In order to drive the future of GIS, it’s essential to teach the professionals of tomorrow. GIS for education means hands-on learning tactics that teach kids how to navigate geospatial technology. It’s as easy as conducting a simple spatial analysis on issues of growing importance, such as population growth throughout the world. By simply introducing GIS to kids at a young age, they will gain a better understanding of how GIS can be used to solve real world issues.



Esri is already contributing to GIS education by offering a free mapping software bundle for schools. The ArcGIS for Schools bundle is provided free of charge for instructional use in US schools K-12. Options range from ArcGIS Online organizational accounts for cloud-based mapping, to ready-to-use web and mobile apps to fully engage students with hands-on learning.


GIS can span across disciplines, teaching more than geography. Students can leverage GIS applications and web maps as an interactive way to learn more about history, environmental sciences, biology, and so much more. As an inquiry-driven platform, GIS offers users the ability to learn about a given topic from a new perspective. Learn about the planet-wide impacts of humans, discover the sounds of the west, or take a 3D tour of natural areas around Europe.  


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