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Getting Ready for Tracker for ArcGIS

Getting Ready for Tracker for ArcGIS

Just released! Tracker for ArcGIS is a powerful app that enables you to track your location, the locations of all your field workers, and analyze all of your organization’s location data. A simple and lightweight app designed for low battery usage, Tracker for ArcGIS is available to all users across an organization for both android and iOS. It’s simple, just start the app, click track and get to work.


tracker for arcgis

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Tracking Locations in the Field


As a field worker, you can set reminders for yourself to track your working hours, while easily toggling on or off location tracking for your mobile device. With up to 3 days of offline tracking storage, you can continue tracking your data while offline, then sync up your data once you’re online again.


tracker for arcgis

Images from esri

Office Workflows


Back in the office, analyze tracking information from today, yesterday, or from the past 48 to 72 hours. Bring tracking data into Operations Dashboard for real time awareness of all your mobile assets. Share tracking data directly with other field mobility apps like Workforce, Collector, Explorer, Navigator, and Survey123.


Feature service views can be created and shared throughout an organization. Administrator, Commanders, Supervisors, and Health and Safety managers can monitor and analyze the tracks stored using the wide range of visualization and geo-analytical capabilities available from esri.


Want to make sure your workers aren’t driving recklessly? Tracker for ArcGIS gives you the power to analyze events of speeding, rapid acceleration, and sudden stopping.


Have an assignment that needs urgent attention? Identify field worker locations in real time for on-the-fly assignments based on your organization’s closest asset, and assign the task to the appropriate worker. Inside ArcGIS, location tracks are stored within a No SQL data store that is well suited to scale and maintain large volumes of tracks to support a large workforce.


Get Support


Getting ready to implement Tracker for ArcGIS into your organization’s workflow? Let our GIS experts help you get the ball rolling quickly. Reach out to start a conversation today.

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