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Team Spotlight | Harman Hassan

Team Spotlight | Harman Hassan

We’re proud to have Harman Hassan on the GeoMarvel team. To give a little more insight on Harman, here’s our quick Q & A session with him to help you get to know Harman!


What is your role at GeoMarvel and what does it involve?


I’m currently an Associate Software Developer at GeoMarvel. I help create software that solves the key problems that organizations typically run into. 


Describe your education & professional backgrounds


I’m a self-taught programmer, and I’ve been tweaking or modifying technology since 2013. Prior to getting into the technology industry, I was coaching swimming in the fitness industry.   


What drew you to join the GeoMarvel team?


I was drawn to the GeoMarvel team because of the creative nature of the work. I’ve found that creating software and leveraging the power of GIS can lead to some really unique and impressive solutions.


Before working for GeoMarvel, what’s the most unique/interesting job you’ve had?


Growing up I would jailbreak i-devices (itouch, iphone, ipad) and root android phones. This allows users to have greater customization over their devices removing manufacture limitations. 


How do you like to spend your time outside of the office?


I like to live an active lifestyle, which includes spending plenty of time outdoors. I enjoy working out several times per week, and if the weather is nice, I like going on hikes or playing soccer.


What is your favorite part about working for GeoMarvel?


I love the cool work we do. GeoMarvel has clients from a variety of industries, each having their own hurdles and obstacles to overcome. It’s never a dull moment as part of the GeoMarvel team.


What advice do you have for upcoming professionals in your field?


Make time every day to learn or polish off something you’re having trouble with. Technology moves at such a fast rate, and you can’t expect to be the best at your craft if you’re reactive instead of proactive. 


What random facts can you share about yourself?


Halo 3 is my favorite video game of all time! 


Where are you from originally?


I’ve lived in Northern Virginia for my entire life. 


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?


Hawaii, it would be cool to try my hand at surfing.


Favorite sport, movie, quote?


My favorite sport is MMA, favorite movie has to be Goodfellas.

And my favorite quote is…



We’re proud to have Harman on the GeoMarvel team! His professional skills and drive to always continue learning are exactly what propels GeoMarvel forward as a company.

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