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Monitoring the coronavirus with ArcGIS

Monitoring the coronavirus with ArcGIS

The coronavirus has confirmed cases around the world


In just two months the coronavirus has spread throughout China, infecting thousands, and killing hundreds of people. And the coronavirus has now spread to a long list of other countries. Believed to be most contagious during the incubation period, the virus may transmit between humans before a single symptom appears. This post is highlighting how the ArcGIS platform can be leveraged to monitor emergency situations like the spread of the coronavirus.


The map below outlines the spread of the Coronavirus from January 2nd through February 7th, 2020. Move the time slider around to explore the extent of the virus on specific dates. (Map data updated: February 7th, 2020)



Operations Dashboard view of the current state of the Coronavirus available from Johns Hopkins CSSE and the Esri Living Atlas Team – full view here


Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is a valuable tool for presenting a variety of data values within a single frame. As shown below, the dashboard displays a map of the major outbreak area, total confirmed cases counts, confirmed cases by region, and a chart outlining total confirmed cases on mainland China compared to the total confirmed cases in other locations around the world.



Mapping the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak StoryMap from the Esri StoryMaps Team – full view here


ArcGIS StoryMaps provide deep insight into the story behind the topic. This great StoryMap published by the Esri StoryMaps team walks through the story behind the origin and spread of the coronavirus. With integrated maps, live statistics and charts, StoryMaps provide another level to the story through the ArcGIS platform.



Getting familiar with the ArcGIS Platform


The ArcGIS platform enables users to spatially visualize important data, and analyze that data to reveal key trends and patterns that may help in the fight against worldwide threats like the coronavirus. Learn more about the ArcGIS platform with tons of free insights and trainings available from Esri.


Get Support


Are you seeking in-depth training on specific mapping applications available from the ArcGIS platform? GeoMarvel can help! We offer personalized trainings to suit your business needs. Explore all that the ArcGIS platform has to offer for your organization. Reach out to our GIS industry experts to start a conversation about your unique needs today.

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