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Micro Service Software Architecture.

We are very excited to talk about the technology behind MapLapse. This application was developed using some key tools and technologies which are game changers in how we as an industry build software. Such as ArcGIS Online, Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateways, ReactJS, Node, ArcGIS Javascript 4.1, which is brand new. On top of the micro-services we are leveraging OAuth and ESRI Marketplace API technology, which has made things really easy to deploy for our end users in side the ESRI Enterprise.

The application is completely built on a model for scaling, containerization and optimization.

Really the magic is in the micro-service architecture paired with ReactJS components and data model. Making it easy to added new ArcGIS ImageService’s that are time enabled. The application is ready to scale as the number of users increase.

More datasets will be offered in our Pro version, along with advanced user features.

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