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ArcGIS Enterprise Jumpstarts

GeoMarvel Offers ArcGIS Enterprise Jumpstarts


The ArcGIS Enterprise Jumpstart is designed to quickly get your organization’s geospatial capabilities up and running with the power of the ArcGIS platform. The process enables self-sufficiency to install, implement, and manage Esri software. As part of the process, GeoMarvel provides technical knowledge transfer and shares best practices for using the ArcGIS platform to its full potential.


The Process


The standard Enterprise Jumpstart begins with a review of the organization’s current resources and system requirements, followed by the development of a strategic plan for time spent on-site during the installation and implementation processes. Customers are first provided with an Enterprise Jumpstart questionnaire to review user requirements, collect inputs for server sizing, and determine any network, security, or environmental changes to be addressed.


Following the questionnaire, GeoMarvel arranges a follow-up call or webcast to answer questions and review additional information pertinent to the implementation. Using the information gathered, we develop a basic implementation and design plan including a platform diagram with basic sizing estimates and an implementation agenda to direct all on-site activities.


The ArcGIS Enterprise Jumpstart package provides up to 3 days of on-site installation, where GeoMarvel becomes a natural extension of your team. We’ll dive into the technology discussion on the architecture of ArcGIS for Server, ArcGIS Data Store, ArcGIS Web Adaptors, and Portal for ArcGIS.


Image from esri

Installation & Configuration


Once the client has a solid foundation for the architecture, it’s time to install the software. After installation is complete, GeoMarvel configures the ArcGIS Enterprise settings including supported user authentication systems, federating the ArcGIS Server site with Portal for ArcGIS, and designating it as the hosting server.


When installation and configuration are complete, the remaining time will focus on knowledge transfer of standard ArcGIS Enterprise technology topics such as: ArcGIS Enterprise Administration; Creating, updating, configuring and administering Geodatabases; Creating and Working with Services; Sharing Imagery and Caching; Disaster Recovery; Configuring and using your ArcGIS Organization.


Working with Services


With everything in place so far, next we’ll test the software stack by bringing in real data and publishing it to ArcGIS Enterprise. After publishing the data, we walk you through the consumption of services via client applications, like the portal or REST directory.


Technology Transfer


To complete the ArcGIS Enterprise Jumpstart process, we’ll wrap up with a workshop-style approach to successfully administer ArcGIS Enterprise. As time permits, we then cover specifications surrounding available system resources, configuring capabilities, caching, capturing logs, statistics and additional site settings.


Topics outside the scope of the ArcGIS Enterprise Jumpstart include but are not limited to: Migration of Databases and Applications, Systems Integration, System Architecture Design, Security Review, Performance Tuning, and Application Development.


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ArcGIS Enterprise Jumpstarts

Our Work


To date, GeoMarvel has successfully implemented a number of ArcGIS Enterprise Jumpstarts for organizations around the nation. Successful ArcGIS Enterprise Jumpstarts enable organizations to start leveraging the power of the ArcGIS platform to its fullest potential. Whether you only plan to use ArcGIS Desktop, or you want to take advantage of the entire Esri suite, an ArcGIS Jumpstart from GeoMarvel will set your organization up for success.


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