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ArcGIS Web Launch Kit

We’re excited to offer our ArcGIS Web Launch Kit professional services on the ArcGIS Marketplace! The ArcGIS Web Launch Kit is intended to build up your organization’s online portal, building suitable information products and equipping your team with the knowledge to leverage an effective Web GIS.


ArcGIS Web Launch Kit

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The ArcGIS Web Launch Kit service offering walks through a series of steps…


 – Resource Assessment

 – Configuration

 – Implementation

 – Knowledge Transfer

 – Training


ArcGIS Web Launch Kit

Resource Assessment


Let’s determine your organization’s existing GIS resources including content, capabilities, and information product needs. This is the time to identify and target the major capabilities and needs of your organization’s GIS.




This step focuses on showing you how to properly configure your ArcGIS organizational settings, populate the account with content, and leverage the best Web GIS practices.




Post Web GIS configuration, it’s time to add your content. The implementation process will empower your organization’s content creators with the ability to move their data into the Web GIS platform. Combine and share your GIS data to aid in organizational decision making, and let your data speak for itself.


Knowledge Transfer


With your Web GIS successfully up and running, the knowledge transfer step is when we share our professional geospatial insight. We’ll highlight how to author, register and share content, create web maps, manage and administer tools, use web GIS, and secure all of your content. 




Almost there! Next we’ll provide GIS training surrounding the best practices for using ArcGIS Online. We’ll set you up for success so you can move forward with 100% confidence. Once trained, you’ll be ready to tackle all your data management, analysis and geospatial goals.


ArcGIS Web Launch Kit

ArcGIS Web Launch Kit


Our Web Launch Kit will get your organization’s Web GIS up and running quickly and effectively. Visit our listing on the ArcGIS Marketplace, and establish your organization’s Web GIS today.


ArcGIS Web Launch Kit