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AgriSense Dashboard Development

We are excited to announce our work with AgriSense STARS in developing a custom dashboard to display their GeoODK collected data to assist in their pilot in Tanzania and Uguanda to improve crop conditions and production forecasting and production timeline.


The AgriSense dashboard was developed using GeoODK AgriSense system connected to a front-end ReactJS node.js framework. The AgriSense dashboard is connected through a real time API connecting data from users on crop conditions and time series data collection.


The AgriSense STARS project develops and provides essential tools for agricultural monitoring to facilitate increased accuracy and timeliness of information supporting food security monitoring and improved agricultural statistics in developing countries. Using remote sensing technologies, AgriSense is piloting methods and tools to improve crop condition monitoring, production forecasting accuracy and timeliness. AgriSense tools include: the GLAM-East Africa portal for satellite data time series interpretation, GeoODK for fast and efficient electronic field data collection and the Crop Monitor for collaborative assessments of the current crop condition and food security situation.


STARS is an international initiative of multiple institutions and aims to use satellite remote sensing technologies for improving the basis and flow of information for agricultural monitoring and food security forecasting by the National Food Security Department in Ministry of Agriculture (MAFC) of Tanzania.  (http://agrisense.org/pages/about.php#glam)


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