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Streamlining Survey Data Collection with Survey123 for ArcGIS

Streamlining Survey Data Collection with Survey123 for ArcGIS


Is your organization still performing field observation efforts with ballpoint pens and legal pads? Are you looking to adopt a system focused on streamlining survey data collection that uses a digital format? Add a unified database hosted by your organization, and collect accurate locations for your data. Survey123 for ArcGIS could be the solution for all of your organization’s data collection challenges, and the good news is that it may already included with your ArcGIS organizational account.


Survey123 for ArcGIS was built for accurate field data collection and with the intention of replacing those unreliable, paper-based data collection practices of old. The solution offers a digital platform that fits the need of every field worker in your organization, regardless of the work environment. This simple and intuitive solution is form-based, making survey creation, sharing, and analysis as easy as 1, 2, 3 by:


  1. Asking Questions – Quick design of powerful surveys that can be published into the ArcGIS platform.
  2. Getting Answers – Field workers are able to capture responses to the survey questions in the field by using the Survey123 for ArcGIS Mobile App.
  3. Making Informed Decisions – Once the data is collected, informed decisions can be made based on data collected from the field in real-time.


Streamlining survey data collection


Survey123 for ArcGIS boasts four key features:


  1. The ability to capture data anytime, anywhere by using the Survey123 for ArcGIS app available on smartphones, laptops, and even desktops as a native app or in a browser.
  2. A real-time design that speeds up the data collection process with predefined questions using logic and easy-to-fill answers, embedded audio with images, and various languages, all the while supporting the XLSForm format.
  3. A secure environment in ArcGIS with the ability to self-host all collected data on your organization’s IT infrastructure with ArcGIS Enterprise for full control of your data.
  4. The seamless ability of plugging your collected data from Survey123 for ArcGIS into your organization’s maps in ArcGIS, combining the forces of smart forms and geography. This allows for field operations optimization, a full understanding of your collected data, and the ability to communicate and share your findings with all.


Streamlining survey data collection


Today, Survey123 for ArcGIS is being used by a variety of organizations in the ArcGIS Community, including Non-Profits, Utility Companies, Education Systems, Disaster Management Forces, and even the US Census Bureau. No matter your field of expertise, Survey123 for ArcGIS has something to enhance your organization’s form-centric day-to-day activities.


Drop the pen and pad! Visit our Professional Services page today and learn more about Survey123 for ArcGIS and other components of the ArcGIS Enterprise platform and get your organization aligned for streamlined success for campaigns to come.


Streamlining survey data collection