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What3Words Integration with FishViews

What3words Integration with FishViews


In GeoMarvel’s ongoing partnership with FishViews, we’ve recently integrated their system with what3words, providing their users with the ability to pinpoint any location along their mapped routes with three simple words. What3words integration is especially useful when navigating an area without addresses, like rivers and waterbodies. Each location has an associated three-word address, like “stumble.prepped.dismissive”, which corresponds to a specific location along the mapped FishViews route.



what3words integration


What3words has arranged the world into a grid of 3 x 3 meter squares, and then assigned a unique three-word address to each square. They’ve developed a simple and straightforward system to map the entire world, enabling the ability to pinpoint any location on earth. Are you in an area without proper street addresses? No problem! The system uses an algorithm allowing you to search for addresses offline, from anywhere. Easily, spread the word and share your what3words location with anyone. What3words is an address grid for the world, and it’s a free mobile or web map, with the flexibility to be built into other apps or websites with a few lines of code, as GeoMarvel has done with the FishViews platform. Get it on the App Store, or download the app on Google Play.


what3words integration


Learn How to Build what3words Integration into your App or Website


  • Photo app – Let others see exactly where a picture was taken
  • Online API – Some simple code to add functionality to existing maps, apps and websites
  • Mobile SDK – For smartphone integration and offline work
  • API Server – To run what3words on your own system
  • E-commerce plugins – Add a simple what3words address to an online checkout
  • Batch conversion – A tool to convert from coordinates to what3words addresses
  • GIS plugins – Integrate with ArcGIS, QGIS, and Hexagon’s Smart M.Apps
  • Excel add-in – Access API functionality within Microsoft Excel



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Pinpoint new locations on rivers, waterbodies, or anywhere around the world, to unlock new potential with the power of a three-word address. Find out how what3words can help your industry or organization by contacting our GIS experts today.